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Jon Reeves


My Name Is Tom

His Name Is Chris

Her Name Is Teyah


My Name Is Tom

A young man reclaims his life and his music after a period of drug-fuelled indiscretion

Some describe Tom's obsession with music as "unhealthy". Growing up in the 1970s and early '80s middle England, developing his love for music and building a record collection to rival that of people twice his age, Tom becomes fascinated by the musical cultures of the day. In 1989 he turns eighteen and becomes part of his own culture, the Rave scene, selling all his beloved record collection along the way to fund his new lifestyle. After a while, he decides it is time to regain his lost collection. He makes a list, and at the top is a small list of rarities he regrets selling the most. As he follows the trails of the records he sold, each one reveals alarming information about a close friend and a group of people he thought he had left behind. But to what extent is Tom involved?

His Name Is Chris

The trip of a lifetime turns into a nightmare, leaving Tom fearing a return to England

In the follow up to My Name Is Tom: Gary - Tom's best friend; being convinced that he's in danger, moves to Australia in order to escape his paranoia. Meanwhile, Tom has become friends with his childhood bully, Big Chris. They decide to travel to visit Gary together. But it doesn't take Chris long to drift back into the habit of bullying Tom. Until one night, where the rift between them boils over, after which, they both end up taking different paths. Until a few months later, when Chris starts to show up in Tom's new life randomly, displaying increasingly bizarre behaviour.

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Her Name Is Teyah

Tom embarks upon a three point quest in the pursuit of achieving happiness.  

After several decades of failing to even define what it meant, the at times excruciatingly English Tom identified three things about his life that needed to change in order for him to achieve a state of satisfaction, and then maybe even one day, happiness. One – to earn a living on his own terms. Two – to live in comfortable surroundings. And three, the one he doubted the most – to find the perfect woman for him. But find her he did... Her name is Teyah, and she’s from Africa.

What followed was a journey of discovery and self-realisation that he never imagined he would find himself on. So, with point three achieved, he now had a purpose and reason to achieve points one and two of what he named his ‘Three Point Quest’. This is the story of that quest…



...enjoyable down to the last syllable,a frank and funny coming-of-age story with a rousing soundtrack.

...a fun and compelling read, and a sharp (and nostalgic) look back at the music of the period.

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Creative descriptions throughout enrich the storytelling ... and are evidence of a strong, unique voice.

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Jon Reeves is a music obsessive and highly experienced victim of bullies. Now in his late 40's, and living back in the same small town in the middle of England where he grew up, he writes comedic fiction combining the two. 

In the My Name Is Tom series, Reeves plays out how his love of music, acerbic wit and self-awareness helped him come to terms with, and love, the person he is.

"Tom is basically the person I have often wanted to be, and also the person I sometimes wish I hadn't been."

"If someone said, one day, that my stories had helped them to deal with their bullies more effectively, then that would be job done for me."

"Bullies never identify themselves as such, but they know they're doing it. So don't expect an apology, or even an acknowledgement of their behaviour... EVER. Just learn and adapt."

"If someone doesn't like you, and you can't think a reasonable reason why, then they don't deserve you." 

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